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Wolsey Campaign Image

Wolsey has had a complete overhaul. It became privately owned in 2010 and since then it seems there has been a huge investment in the brand to give it a brand new image.

What I really like about the new Wolsey is that they don’t seem too bothered about their older consumer base. There were a lot of 60 odd men who used to get all their shirts/socks/[insert mundane article of clothing] from Wolsey. They have made a bold decision to aim for a different consumer and they’re really going for it. They make a lot of nice content, although I do find their blog layout a little confusing; there are so many different sections and it seems like it hasn’t been going on long enough for each section to be busy enough.

Their imagery is great; it’s striking and has fit really well with the themes behind each collection so far (the expedition theme was a really standout campaign).

I’ve not bought anything of theirs but the pieces look like a very nice quality, made from superior materials and there is a made in GB collection too.

Wolsey is a great heritage brand and it is nice to see that there is some real passion and creativity being poured back into such an interesting, prestigious and darn OLD British brand.

Wolsey Spring Summer Preview

I’m wondering when their Spring collection is going to launch as the AW11 imagery is still up on the store and it is still stocked with sale buys and heavy looking winter garments. It’ll be a collection I’ll be wanting to check out.


On Sunday I went along to J Dilla changed my life at the Scala in Kings Cross.

What an amazing night. I’ve never been to a club where I’ve enjoyed the music so much. I’m not a complete Jay Dee fanatic but my god, he was such an extremely talented producer. Above is one of my favourite beats, ripped from the Benji B show when he was joined by J Rocc who playfully jokes ‘you won’t ever get to hear that ever again, ha ha ha’. Thank god for the Internet!

Highlight of Sunday was when the DJ played a full 20 seconds of the original Joni Mitchell Big Yellow Taxi. LOLZ! It went down like a tonne of bricks and had me giggling at the back after one too many ginger wines/rums/red stripes for a Sunday night.

Would recommend the next one for anyone who appreciates higher quality hip hop. The music was so good and it was refreshing to hear it out (maybe I’m usually going to all the wrong places) and enjoy the party instead of petulantly standing on the periphery being a sour puss. Yeh you 😉

Citizens of Farah campaign shot

Farah have launched a new campaign for SS12. Citizens of Farah is aiming to bring together people from different scenes, lifestyles and sub cultures who all wear Farah.

I came across this article on the initiative from Sabotage Times and another in RWD online. The feature mentions an online community for fans of the brand to get involved. I followed the link to check the project out.

I didn’t find anything much useful. The Farah homepage doesn’t have much info on the initiative, the blog features some nice interviews with the models or ‘citizens’ which I like because Farah aren’t afraid to mention other brands in their content which many would think is a commercial no-no. I’m looking and I’m finding it difficult to get any other info on how to get involved, where else to read features, join in the online community and whether there is video, music or other related content.

I like the behind the scenes video from the campaign, people like to sneak a peek behind the closed doors of a brand that they like. There is something inaccessible about the fashion industry which gives it an intriguing and glamorous air. This sort of content is great fun and watchable.

I wish Farah had set up some sort of page for the project. It could just be a simple web page with an RSS feed from the blog to pull in posts tagged ‘Citizens of Farah’ and a bit more blurb about the campaign, why they’ve done it, when and if others can get involved etc. None of this would have mattered had the online coverage of the project not mentioned the online community aspect (immediately bringing up the idea of Burberry’s ‘art of the trench’ micro site or even Sperry’s ‘passion for the sea‘ micro site or Fred Perry’s Subculture website- all done with varying levels of success.).

On my quest for more information I clicked the link to their Facebook page and found that it only directs you to a home page. I wonder how many people have done that and then given up looking. Maybe that explains why they only have 2000 odd fans despite ticking the right boxes with their content.

What sounded like an interesting and bold project turns out to be a photoshoot with a load of journalists and artists that gave interviews afterwards. I’m sure there is a much deeper message or something that I’m missing but I can’t help but feel this whole concept would be much better conveyed if Farah was just that little bit more digitally attentive.

Still, SS12 collection has launched and stand out piece for me is The Rathbone lightweight jacket in Maize which takes me back to the British coastline with the smelly trawlers coming into the harbour with a flock of squawking gulls in tow and the rugged fisherman who simply doesn’t give a shit that his look has ‘like, so much style potential’.