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boxfresh aw12 lookbook

Boxfresh. There’s a brand I hadn’t thought about for a while. After their 2004 stint on the bargain rails at TK Maxx they’d slipped off my radar. I thought of them as over branded, over priced and let’s face it, a little chavvy.

When Boxfresh’s owner founded Boxpark it opened the door for the clothing brand to access a cooler market. However, Boxfresh would need a facelift first. Enough time has passed for the consumer to have forgotten about the graffiti slogan hoodies and the harshly branded printed tees and so Boxfresh have seized the opportunity to bounce back into the British Streetwear limelight.

Here’s their AW12 collection video. It’s nicely shot, showing some of the detailing on the collection and it looks pretty premium. I recon they’ve pretty well smashed it.

You can tell if you’ve done an alright job on a reinvention of a brand when you’re featured on Hypebeast as they very much work with a tight network of brands which are in favour with the streetwear community or doing new and exciting things. In other words, not everyone firing out the dry press releases 10 a penny will fit the bill, so it’s really great news for Boxfresh that they’ve secured such a seal of approval in advance of the collection launch despite having a pretty dodgy product offering for SS12 which is currently available on their website.

Looking forward to seeing more of the cool, Britsh and streetwear-orientated Boxfresh over the coming years.


Grenson Shoes

Grenson shoes have been around since 1866, but despite their long history I only became familiar with them around 2 or 3 years ago.

The Grenson that I am familiar with is a luxury shoe brand, with years of experience, skill and craftsmanship in footwear. I think of Grenson as the brand you would buy as a 20-35 year old when you first feel grown-up. Perhaps you’ve just landed a new job in the city, best man at a friend’s wedding or you’ve out-grown those battered vans and you’re looking for a smart, stylish and youthful (not stuffy) shoe for every day wear. You’re looking to invest in a great pair of shoes, you want quality, perhaps a British brand with heritage. Grenson would be my go to brand.

Grenson shoes Facebook

Anyway, I hope that goes some way towards explaining how disappointed I was to see Grenson’s latest Facebook update. Noooooooooooo. It’s the dreaded brand cycle kicking into action. Grenson are on the verge of big success. They have some really premium stockists, a loyal customer base and now they are teetering on the cusp of mainstream. The FHM coverage is one of the first tests. Grenson failed. Just because a publication gives you some coverage it doesn’t mean you have to get into bed with them. Sure, publish coverage from GQ, Esquire, even Shortlist, but not FHM. It isn’t a premium publication and you are a premium brand. For every 1000 people that read the feature in FHM you may have caught the attention of 1% of those readers, perhaps 10% of those (the 1%) will go on to become customers. However what is the impact on your existing loyal social fans? How many of them, like myself, cringed when they saw Keeley’s  skank pose plastered in their newsfeed? It’s what I would have expected from a brand like Voi or Luke but not Grenson.

The same goes for the Pixie Lott picture. It’s great that celebrities are endorsing your brand but you don’t have to push it upon your existing customers. When i think of Pixie I see Lipsy. Velour tracksuits and cheap party dresses to be worn at the Lloyds bar in the local town on a Saturday night. I don’t want to associate a brand I like with that lifestyle.

Not wanting to be the miserable grumbling critic, which is all too easy, I’ve also gone to the effort of making some recommendations:

Friends Of Grenson Mock Up

Team up with non-competitive adjacencies; work with a tailor, shirt maker, premium fashion brand (think Folk, Oliver Spencer, YMC, Universal Works etc). Cross promote each other’s products and services (see styled ‘look’ above, promoting apparel to team with shoes). Create an online guide through your blog for which shoes to match with which suit. Can I wear tan brogues with a navy suit? Do I match my belt and shoes? Which shoes are best for a wedding? Are slip-ons causal or formal? How can I wear my favourite Grenson’s with a casual look? What are the roots behind the Penny Loafer?

Grenson should see themselves as the educator of young men who are beginning to take an interest in the more refined side of style.

Join forces with a cobbler, someone who is also an expert in their field, a craftsman. Endorse them through your social media and educate your customers on caring for the shoes. For example when does a shoe need resoling? What polish should i use? How does suede protector work? Just little things that make for a quick five minute read but that reinforce the years of experience and knowledge that Grenson have over other shoe brands.

Team up with a grooming company. Introduce young men to the art of shaving. Maybe hold an event in collaboration with a barber shop which has a likeminded clientele. It may not be the most commercial option but it won’t damage the brand.

Maybe even set up an affiliate account and team looks with shoes. You can link to the online stores for the apparel and for every purchase made on the ‘friends of Grenson’ micro-site/blog, Grenson would make a commission.

It’s great to get a lot of press coverage, even in FHM, the more people who see your brand the better. Those that buy FHM think it’s great (or they wouldn’t buy it) so to be featured isn’t a bad thing. However don’t sell yourselves out to such press coverage or succumb to the lure of huge commerciality and compromise on the values that made you successful and popular in the first place. That way, once the brand cycle has made it’s inevitable loop, you’ll still have a tribe of loyal core customers.

That means no more tits on your Facebook.

percival lookbook ss12

Percival was conceived in 2009 by two designers. By 2012 the business has grown and has a neat website and is carried by some premium stockists.

percival website

I love the illustrations to denote product category and the clothes are classic with the attention to detail twist which seems to be the overriding trend in menswear at the moment for those who fancy themselves a bit of a connoisseur. Most of the range is also produced in the UK. One frustrating thing about the category illustrations is that many of the categories are empty and it’s time consuming to browse that way.

One thing that really caught my attention was their Journal. Percival looks like a nice place to work. It looks like a team of genuinely warm, passionate and creative people. They’ve given the brand a very friendly personal face. It gives you a sense of buying into the brand and buying into the Percival club which they’ve portrayed as a fun club to be a part of.

Anyway, I’m a bit behind the time with this as it’s done the rounds, but here’s Percival’s SS12 campaign vid with a wee cameo from none other than Rick Edwards.

Look forward to seeing Percival grow and go places.

aston merrygold, ed westwick and penn badgley summer style faux pas

Here are Aston Merrygold, Ed Westwick and Penn Badgley showing how easy it is to go wrong with a summer look. Not keen on over accessorising, not keen on DIY plunging necklines and slogan shirts and definitely not keen on greyed whites thrown together in a slovenly manner.

ryan gosling summer style

Take a lesson from Ryan Gosling. He’s managed to nail 3 specific looks on the smart-casual continuum rather nicely. But i feel it’s all too easy to dress smartly, even in the summer. A crisp shirt and well fitting trousers is all that is required. What i think takes a little more skill is a casual look. Ryan’s chambray shirt-come-jacket is a great summer layer and then for high summer he’s styled his beater to look effortless and rugged without crossing over to the Penn Badgley school of scruffy.

celebrity summer style

I like these looks because they follow tried and tested principles. Considered basics, old favourites and wardrobe staples, teamed with a statement and seasonal piece. What seasonal piece you choose is more a matter of what you’re comefortable with, be it coloured chinos like Zayn Malik, statement sunnies like Robert Pattinson or a bold patterned shirt like Tyler the Creator.

summer style 2012 for men

Invest in good basics and inject cheaper seasonal pieces. The above edit is all from Topman but you’ll be able to mix and match pieces and find yourself looking stylish whether you’re going very casual with chino shorts and a printed vest or slightly smarter with tailored shorts and a shirt.