Today I’m Listening To

On Sunday I went along to J Dilla changed my life at the Scala in Kings Cross.

What an amazing night. I’ve never been to a club where I’ve enjoyed the music so much. I’m not a complete Jay Dee fanatic but my god, he was such an extremely talented producer. Above is one of my favourite beats, ripped from the Benji B show when he was joined by J Rocc who playfully jokes ‘you won’t ever get to hear that ever again, ha ha ha’. Thank god for the Internet!

Highlight of Sunday was when the DJ played a full 20 seconds of the original Joni Mitchell Big Yellow Taxi. LOLZ! It went down like a tonne of bricks and had me giggling at the back after one too many ginger wines/rums/red stripes for a Sunday night.

Would recommend the next one for anyone who appreciates higher quality hip hop. The music was so good and it was refreshing to hear it out (maybe I’m usually going to all the wrong places) and enjoy the party instead of petulantly standing on the periphery being a sour puss. Yeh you 😉


This song reminds me of summer 2000 or 2001 when my friend would drive us around Poole and Bournemouth listening to lots of Hip Hop. Tribe, Beatnuts and so much stuff I can’t remember. My favourite was the Dan The Automator stuff; Handsome Boy Modelling School and Lovage.