˜Warsaw Park ˜ ˜

I went to Poland.

It was very very cold. Minus 16.

We walked around the parks, ate dumplings and lard, drank beer and saw some art.


snorkel parka

A while back I wrote a little piece about Snorkel Parkas (snoop here).

While I was doing a bit of research I came across a couple of old brands who used to manufacture those iconic jackets from the late 1970s, with their bright orange lining and faux fur hood.

Lord Anthony was one of the main brands of parka at the time, so popular, that style of parka was affectionately nick-named a ‘Lord Anthony’ for some time. I think there’s serious scope for them to make a comeback! Alpha Industries (an American brand who specialise in military outerwear and also rode the tidal parka wave of the 80s that swept the playgrounds of the nation!) are now stocked by ASOS and Selfridges again and there’s a retro fondness of the brand. Lord Anthony was the sweetheart of Parka Fever which was an epidemic from the late 70s to mid 80s for any boy aged 9 to 19, but like every trend, the parka fell out of fashion and Lord Anthony has just about disappeared off the planet, with only Vintage parkas trading hands on auction sites.

Everyone loves a comeback. They can do what Brutus Trimfit (who ALSO dabbled with this style of parka in the late 70s!) did with their checked shirts, but do it instead for orange lined, navy, nylon parkas.

Lauren Squires Jewellery

Lauren Squires is a Jewellery designer from London, her pieces are handsome and striking, commanding attention from everyone that spots a flash of her statement, silver works of art.

Lauren’s work is so original and is beautifully finished, real conversation pieces. Each piece is handmade to order or bespoke commissions and I can’t think of a better gift for a girl or guy with great style who’ll be able to carry off one of Lauren’s beautiful bracelets, rings or necklaces.

Make sure to visit Lauren Squires online.

Lauren Squires JewelleryLauren Squires Jewellery

Lauren Squires Jewellery

Trelawney Estate London

Last weekend I got a bit obsessed with looking at photographs of my neighbourhood online. There weren’t many from my estate and the places I see most so I thought I’d do a few snappy snaps to contribute to the wealth of Hackney Borough photography online. This is Trelawney Estate in Hackney during a snowy Sunday afternoon.

Trelawney Estate London

Please bear in mind I’m impatient and a very poor photographer with zero skills. Next time, must do better.

Trelawney Estate London

Engineer Izhar Gafni has developed a bicycle made almost completely of cardboard. Production costs come in just under £10 for an adults bike. I will definitely pick one up when they come to market!

(Shout out to my bloggy, bikey, industry and manufacturing pal OB who will probably enjoy this video! Check out his site: Explicit Scrawl.)